Beasiswa Santri Ma’had Jamilurrohman

Name: Santri Scholarship
Form of program: Education Scholarship
Activity: Each month
Requirement: Rp. 30000,00/santri/month
Number of santri: 70
Cooperates with: Ma’had Jamilurrohman, Bantul. Indonesia

This santri scholarship addressed for students of Ma’had tahfidz Al Quran Jamilurrohman, Bantul. Ma’had Tahfidz Jamilurrohman accomodates students age SD which mostly comes from inability family. At the ages, ability a chlid to memorize Al Quran still very big. Therefore, opportunity of this gold shouldn’t we may wast in in the middle of our education system which still hardly overrules education of religion even tends to having the character of materialistis.

Existence Of this Ma’had Tahfidz expected will bear Islam generations having scientific deed and science which amaliah at the same time assists lightens our brothers and sisters burden the muslimin. Therefore, we invite all reader to participate in this scholarship program. Further description can contact contact Pengelola Ma’had Tahfidz Jamilurrohman for child of in 0815 687 2536 or enamel in: humas2_lbia@yahoocom

Way of participating:

Donation earns in transfer of through account Donasi Dakwah LBIA: Bank Mandiri a/n Satria no rek: 137 00 05035684

Fund transfer having taken steps hopes confirmation purpose of usage of the fund and gives soybean cake name of and address sends it ( for subscribing) through SMS to 0815 687 2536. is doing no confirmation hence fund transferred applied for activity of other mission.


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